Lucite and Glass Business Signs in Washington, DC

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Stationery Gifts

Glass has been used for awards and business signs for a very long time. Glass is used because it is simple, durable, and scratch-resistant. It also matches most types of interior design, no matter what look you are going for. It’s a very modern material, so it works best with modern designs, but it’s not limited to such designs. However, one limitation of glass is the weight of it.

Glass Signs

Glass business signs in Washington, DC can be somewhat heavy, as well as difficult to work with. If you need to mount the glass in a way that it’s not designed for, you might have to send it back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will need to drill new holes to install mounting hardware. Also, glass can be heavy. If you want it to be thick enough that it won’t shatter, it will also be on the heavy side.

Award Crafters Inc. makes several glass signs that are very durable and attractive. However, if you want a sign that’s not as heavy, you could choose lucite.

Lucite Signs

Lucite is a solid plastic that is completely transparent. It looks like glass, but not as heavy. It is often used for business signs that are designed to look like glass. It can also be somewhat less expensive.

Typically, both glass and lucite signs are mounted with some kind of plaque that makes them visible. The glass or lucite is used as the base of the sign. Then a plaque, typically metal, is engraved with the information, which makes it useful and visible against nearly any background.

No matter if you want glass signs or lucite signs, you should consider buying them from a great retailer. The quality of your sign is the most important thing. A great retailer will only sell quality signs for your business.

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