The ABCs of Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings in Jacksonville

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Romantic Gifts

You’ve found the girl of your dreams and now it’s time to pop the question. First, you need to find the perfect ring. You’ll be amazed at how many options there are when you begin shopping for diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL. To make the process a little easier, consider the following factors.

The Four “C”s

When picking out a diamond, you want to look at the four “C”s. This would be the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Cut refers to the shape and facetting. It’s what gives a diamond its sparkle. The color actually refers to the lack of color, and clarity tells you if the diamond has any internal blemishes. Carat is how the size is measured.

The Setting

The setting is the ring itself. You can have a solitaire setting, which is a simple band and one diamond. Simplicity is what creates elegance. You can also get settings that surround the diamond with smaller ones or tiny gemstones.

Which Metal

You’ll have white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to pick from. Look at what metal she wears most often. This tells you what she prefers. She’ll want something that coordinates with her other pieces.

If you understand the above information, you’ll have a much easier time shopping for diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL. It’ll at least narrow down your options if you have already determined the metal, setting, and type of diamond you want. Begin your search by visiting Premier Jewelers at

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