Keeping Baby Warm with Personalized Baby Gifts

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Gifts for Boys

Babies have a lot of needs and learning how to manage those needs can be challenging for new parents. One of the first important responsibilities of caring for an infant is keeping the baby warm, despite changes in the weather. A baby’s skin area is approximately three times greater than that of an adult in comparison to the body weight. As a result, babies can lose body heat much more rapidly than adults. Giving personalized baby gifts like baby blankets and clothing is a good choice because it helps mom and dad better manage the baby’s body temperature.

Many babies are unable to regulate their own temperature when newborn because they do not have enough body fat. It is even more difficult for premature babies who are under-developed and have a very low birth weight. When a baby is exposed to a cold environment, the body tries to stay warm by using oxygen and energy to maintain body temperature. This raises the risk of the baby getting sick because energy reserves are depleted.

Covering Up to Stay Warm

Helping a baby stay warm means keeping most of the skin covered so that there is lower heat loss. Right after a bath, the infant should be gently dried and then quickly wrapped in a personalized blanket and dressed in warm pajamas. When taking baby out in a stroller during cool or cold weather, it is important to wrap the baby in a comfortable, warm blanket so that body heat cannot escape. A wonderful shower or baby gift is a personalized baby blanket that can be used in a stroller, playpen, or baby bed.

Clothing naturally plays a big role in keeping infants warm, and are just as nice as blankets for gift giving purposes. Personalized baby gifts are very popular, and you can choose clothing that is specifically designed to help keep babies warm. For example, a baby’s name can be embroidered on long sleeve shirts, infant hats, roll neck sweaters, infant hoodies, bodysuits, and layette sets. For fun, gift givers can choose themed layette sets that include bodysuits with long sleeves, baby boots for keeping feet warm, and a matching hat. Themes include adorable ideas like baby firefighter, artist, pilot, chef, baseball player, and many more.

Knowing “Warm Enough”

The ultimate challenge parents face is knowing when a baby is warm enough. Babies that are too warm and sweat in their blankets, clothing, and diapers can get dehydrated or develop rashes. Chances are that being too warm will also make the baby cranky. Personalized baby gifts that are clothing or blankets should be made primarily from cotton because it is the material best able to regulate body temperature. Materials that do not breathe are not good for infant clothing.

One more important point to keep in mind is that infants can lose a lot of heat through the scalp. Since most babies have little or no hair, covering the scalp with a hat is important. Personalized baby hats are as practical as gifts as clothing and blankets.

Having blankets and the right clothing on hand is important to parents of infants. Your personalized baby gifts will be welcomed additions to the baby supplies. A warm baby is a healthy, happy baby, and that is exactly how it should be.