Popular Types of Men’s Gold Chains

While most people are concerned with shoes and clothing, one of the best ways to really make a statement is with a flashy piece of jewelry. Nothing communicates effortless style and wealth like a beautiful chain or bracelet. More often than not, very few people can afford nice jewelry so if you really want stand out from the crowd, all it takes is a few nice pieces. While bracelets and watches are considered some of the most attractive types of jewelry, your best bet to really shine on the competition is with a beautiful chain. While silver and platinum were considered the most popular types during the 90s, nowadays, gold tends to dominate as far as jewelry is concerned.

Cuban Links

One of the most popular styles of chains is the ever popular Cuban link. The Cuban link style popular among hip-hop artists and celebrities, but it has always been a staple of jewelry aficionados. What makes the Cuban link style so unique is its overly-showy aesthetic that really stands out in a crowd. Rather than an understated necklace, a Cuban link chain is a hulking, powerful piece of jewelry. There’s no doubt you’ll turn heads and garner a lot of attention.

There are a lot of other styles that are far less dramatic, but there’s no question that the best style to really make a strong statement would be a Cuban link chain. While they are available in lighter tones, a rose gold Cuban link chain can be considered the proverbial “king” of men’s gold chains.

Moon Cut Beads

Another popular style that is far less understated than the Cuban link style is the moon cut bead style. Moon cut beads are segments beads that are metallic in nature. The great thing about moon cut bead is their versatility. Bead-style necklaces are often the staple of many formal jewelry styles, but the metallic nature of the moon cut beads also accentuates somewhat of a casual, urban-inspired look. Ultimately, the style of the necklace is ultimately up to the wearer, and an individual can easily manipulate the style of their necklace with just a little bit of effort.

Franco Chains

Perhaps the most versatile of men’s gold chains, Franco chains are extremely handsome pieces of jewelry. Franco chains are characterized by their thinner profile and gritted exterior. They are versatile because they are showy enough to dress down with a t-shirt, yet they are classy and refined enough to wear underneath a button down or polo shirt. They are a great piece to any collection, and a pendant or piece can also be attached to the chain to further accessorize the piece.

Remember before you invest in a particular piece of jewelry, assess whether the jewelry is in line with your overall aesthetic. Jewelry is often very costly, but it can sometimes appreciate in value depending on the piece. Whether your love is for beautiful men’s watches our men’s gold chains, either jewelry type will allow you to express your love and individual style.

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